Din leverandør av industriutstyr i Norge

Betamo AS has extensive experience with almost all types of industrial production in Norway, and tailor-make products and solutions for each individual customer. In addition, we can create engineering solutions based on our knowledge and experience. We are ready for all types of projects and have partners who enable us to deliver complete package solutions to you as a customer.

All in one place

We have a collaboration with a number of suppliers from all over the world and can cover most areas within industrial equipment.

Satisfied customers

With good knowledge, we can tailor products and tailor-make solutions for each individual customer.

Time and price

We deliver complete services with good service at the agreed time and without the fine print. 

Spesialtilpasset utstyr til alle typer industri

Over 25 års erfaring med industriutstyr

Betamo AS is a supplier of specially adapted electromechanical equipment for marine and all types of industry. Betamo as a company has a history that stretches back to 1996. The company was started by Bengt Hansen, who has a background and extensive experience in these types of deliveries.

With a business idea to market products intended for industrial transmission equipment, Betamo collaborates with a number of suppliers from all over the world. Today, Betamo therefore has a catalog covering most areas. This means that you as a customer can get everything you need from one supplier.

Betamo AS har i dag et svært godt teknisk produktsortiment, og kan skreddersy produkter og spesialtilpasse løsninger for hver enkelt kunde. Vi er klare for alle typer prosjekter, og har samarbeidspartnere som gjør at vi kan levere komplette pakkeløsninger til deg som kunde. I tillegg kan Betamo løse komplekse problemer og levere engineering-løsninger med produkter vi har tilgjengelige fra hele verden.

Betamo AS

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Norway is a maritime nation and a boating nation. The tradition of boats, sea and ocean has been here for over 1,000 years. As is tradition, Norway has a good number of renowned boat manufacturers. We at Betamo AS supply linear units to a number of the manufacturers of pleasure boats in Norway.

We customize all devices to achieve perfect functionality!

Assistive devices

Betamo AS can supply everything from simple linear units to advanced control systems adapted to aids for the disabled. We supply devices to a large part of Norway's manufacturers of such aids. This applies, among other things, to wheelchair production and when it comes to advanced adaptations of cars and other vehicles for the disabled.

Track voltage

In Norway, Betamo AS can supply track voltage systems from Warner Electric and Wichita. We can deliver complete package solutions where you get parts adapted to your needs as a customer. For example, if you need electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic brakes and adapters intended for use with equipment to replace old, existing systems. Everything locally adapted for your particular case.

Linear actuators

Lineære aktuatorer sørger for at rotasjonsbevegelsene i en motor omdannes til en lineær eller rettlinjet bevegelse som skyver eller trekker. Derfor er en lineær aktuator perfekt for utstyr som kan for eksempel løfte, trekke eller skyve.

Clutches and brakes

Clutches and brakes are used to start, stop and hold loads. We only carry clutches and brakes of high quality from internationally recognized manufacturers.

With our network, we have access to electromagnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic clutches and brakes, supplied by leading manufacturers. These have extensive experience in offshore as well as industrial, marine and mobile equipment. This ensures that you, as our customer, receive high-quality parts from manufacturers we know keep their promises.

Betamo AS

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