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Our traditions stretches back over 25 years in time, and the deliveries - and solutions - are becoming numerous. Betamo AS will certainly be a significant supplier to the industry in the future as well.

We ensure a high degree of personal service, technical expertise and the best possible follow-up for you as a customer. Right from your initial inquiry to the delivery of a finished project. Not to mention good service after everything has been delivered.

With our background from most areas within technical production and engineering, we can use our experience and expertise to meet our customers' requirements. Our aim is not only to be part of the future, but actually manage to shape the industry's future.

Industrial production in Norway

We collaborate and have close contact with several of the world's leading manufacturers of electromechanical and mechanical equipment. With these contacts, Betamo AS can supply knowledge and components to almost all parts of Norwegian industry.

From pleasure boats to large ships, from mechanical workshops to offshore and everything in between. With our suppliers, you are covered, no matter what industry.

Our extensive experience with selection and delivery of industrial components, means that we can ensure that the best equipment is selected for you as a customer, based on your personal preferences.. Specifically adapted for your business if you need it. We deliver to you as a customer an independent, optimally adapted system.

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Betamo AS

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