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Norway is a maritime nation and a boating nation. The tradition of boats, sea and ocean has been here for over 1,000 years. As is tradition, Norway has a good number of renowned boat manufacturers. We at Betamo AS supply linear units to a number of the manufacturers of pleasure boats in Norway.

We customize all devices to achieve perfect functionality!

Assistive devices

Betamo AS can supply everything from simple linear units to advanced control systems adapted to aids for the disabled. We supply devices to a large part of Norway's manufacturers of such aids. This applies, among other things, to wheelchair production and when it comes to advanced adaptations of cars and other vehicles for the disabled.

Track voltage

In Norway, Betamo AS can supply track voltage systems from Warner Electric and Wichita. We can deliver complete package solutions where you get parts adapted to your needs as a customer. For example, if you need electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic brakes and adapters intended for use with equipment to replace old, existing systems. Everything locally adapted for your particular case.

Linear actuators

Linear actuators ensure that the rotational movements in a motor are converted into a linear or rectilinear movement that pushes or pulls. Therefore, a linear actuator is perfect for equipment that can, for example, lift, pull or push.

Clutches and brakes

Clutches and brakes are used to start, stop and hold loads. We only carry clutches and brakes of high quality from internationally recognized manufacturers.

With our network, we have access to electromagnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic clutches and brakes, supplied by leading manufacturers. These have extensive experience in offshore as well as industrial, marine and mobile equipment. This ensures that you, as our customer, receive high-quality parts from manufacturers we know keep their promises.

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